payment methods

You have the following payment options:

Payment via bank transfer
Account number: 1037667879
Account holder: LE THU LINH
Bank name: Vietcombank - Hoi An Branch - Quang Nam Province
Swift Code: BFTVVNVX
Please transfer the correct amount to the hotel's bank account. In the transfer description, please clearly state the sender's full name, phone number, booking confirmation number, and notify us to check if your payment has been received.

If you fail to make the payment before the deadline, we reserve the right to unilaterally cancel your booking.

Payment via PayPal
Please transfer the amount + 5% bank fee to our PayPal account:

Payment via VNPAY-QR
Step 1: Choose the product or service and select "Pay now" or "Place an order."
At the payment page, please review the ordered items, provide complete recipient information, choose the VNPAY payment method, and click "Place an order now."

Step 2: The payment screen will switch to the VNPAY payment gateway interface. Select the "VNPAY-QR supported payment application" method.

Step 3: The system will display a QR code along with the payment amount. Please verify the amount. Use your banking application (from the provided list) to select "Scan Code" and scan the QR code on the payment website.
*Note: The QR code is valid for 15 minutes.
To ensure successful payment, please familiarize yourself with the conditions and instructions for scanning the QR code on your phone in advance to avoid any issues with timing that may affect your payment and promotional code.

Step 4: Check the information, enter a discount code (if applicable), and complete the payment.
Upon successful payment, you will receive a confirmation notification of the successful order placement on the website.